another soul

this is written in honor of my sister in law who I always called my second wife

she died this morning at 5:30 a.m. 6/24/16          IRIS  -RIP


Another soul has joined the angels up above

Someone we cherished , treasured and loved

Family members came down from the heavens

And gathered around her bed , but they did not

Gather around , because she was dead.

But because they was taking her to another world

Far beyond compare , and with her family

Their love she would share.

We will feel the hurt and the absence now that she is gone

But in our hearts her love will linger on.

The same way she took care of our spiritual needs

While here on this earth , she will continue to do so

Seeing us through our worth.

We will always see something to remind us that she’s around

Or hear a whisper , or a familiar sound.

For five years she held her own , to show us

That she was strong .

now we must do the same

And gain our strength in her name.

© L . RAMS JUNE 2016



last tear in life


Something I did not know , one last tear will always show

When they are on their dying bed , on that pillow

Where they rest their head -you will see the last earthly tear shed.

This is the tear of good bye as they go to the other side

This tear is for a world that has fallen out of grace

And the hardships that they must face.

The tear is also for the ones that are left behind

As they all join and cry.

The Hospice nurses see it all – as the last tear starts to fall.

Wish them a safe journey as they leave

Because there will be enough time for you to grieve.

Gather together all the good times that had passed

And the laughter and joys that will forever last.

There will always be a memory that will stay in our mind

And we’ll treasure it for all time.

The last tear in their life that you will see

Will be embedded in your memory.

© L , RAMS 062216


hurry home


Hurry home to the arms that long to hold you tight

Hurry home to the lips that long to kiss you all night

I want you to feel every beat of my heart

I want you to know how this love got its start

It started off with a simple “ hi “

And my thoughts raced to the sky.

You don’t have to be a woman of beauty

Or a woman of fame – I will love you just the same.

You showed me your loving tender heart

And for me it’s the most important part.

It doesn’t matter the color of your eyes or hair

It’s your heart I want you to share.

I don’t care if you’re short or tall

It’s your love that says it all.

Spread your wings and fly to me

So I could show you how true love can be

Because you led me to heavens door

To a love I never dreamt of before.

What I know now if I knew then

This love will never end.

© L .RAMS 062116


the 3 nails


There are three nails buried deep in the ground

Three nails that must be found.

The three nails that crucified him , so he could

Take away mans mortal sins.

When the cross was taken down and put on the ground

The three nails was taken out of his hands and feet

And put in a coin holder made of cloth that the soldier would keep.

Deep in his heart he knew he was the Messiah

There could be none much higher.

He realized this when the sky turned black

And the look on others faces as they all ran back.

This would be the worlds judgment day.

As he fell to his knees and began to pray.

The nails were burning his hands as he decided to bury them

Deep in the ground , where they could not be found.


The thunder and lightning once again lit up the sky

And from the darkness a light shone down to where

He buried the nails deep inside the ground.

Some say the nails were buried where they took

His cross out from the ground

But who really knows – they’re yet to be found.

© L . RAMS 062016


youth vs. old age


Now the voices of youth start to scream

Because old age is finally seen.

You have nineteen years of youth

But from twenty on , it’s all gone.

You may get a few more years to get your college degree

Then it’s work and raising a family.

You’ll have more old years than you’ll have young

And you’ll work till your life on earth is done.

When you look at a older person , look at the way

It’s going to be , when the younger generation

Reaches puberty , and you are the old ones

That they see.

Your friends that you once knew in school

Are going through the same thing , but acting

Like a fool.

Thinking that they can relive the past

And that their youth will forever last.

You know that you are young at heart

But old age is tearing us apart so

Enjoy the time of ageing , there is so much

For you to learn and see , as we all try to age gracefully.

© L . RAMS 060116