he pulled me up

I saw myself drowning in a world of sin and hate
I saw myself drowning and started to lose my faith
I looked up to the heavens and prayed to God above
To not let me weaken and lose my faith and love.
We have become so busy just trying to survive
That we begin to believe other peoples lies

Monetary issues are putting everyone down
It s affecting everyone , just turn and look around.
We need the higher power of the Lord up above
Who can reverse this with his guidance and his love.

We cannot expect it right away – for Rome wasn’t built in a day
And I know this to be true , for I have been waiting patiently
Just like you.
Yes ! He pulled me up and gave me strength I never knew
I had before , and one by one he opened up the doors.

I know I cannot give up for he is always there
And all my doubts and worries with him I will share.
© L . RAMS 102616


womans flowing tears

( these are the thoughts of women when they thought
i could not hear them over the years. )

womens flowing tears
i want all the world to see all the feelings inside of me
feelings of love , disappointments and fears all of which create my tears
tears are our ” escape valves ” from the past and even now.
tears are like water faucets which can be controlled to release the pressure
built up inside- pressures which we try to hide.
tears that flow which only a woman may know.
we have a release valve unlike a man , and we can create
it at the drop of a hand.
we are women ” unique but not weak ” in many ways.
we can compete against the powers of man ,
something which they don’t understand.
they may see us like a fragile delicate flower as a rose
but we have thorns which can prick you at any time, if you cross the line.
men and nations have been destroyed for the love of a woman
the history books tell many stories of our ” infamous glories ”
so when you think you have the upper hand, it’s because you’ve been scamed. (C) L . RAMS 070615

up or down- i cannot say

If you are reading this :
It’s because I ‘ve gone to the other side
‘there is no elevator around , so I don’t
Know if I’ve gone up or down!
But I am seeing some forms through a cloudy mist
Is it family members that I have missed ? – or is it the ghouls from hell s past
Ready and waiting to grab my ass !
Is that the grim reaper all dressed in black ?
With a sickle tied to his back.
Isn’t that Saint Peter walking by his side , and his wings he’s trying to hide.
It doesn’t matter which one is coming after me
I have walked with both you see !
If I go up , I’ll be with the ones I love
And if I go down below – I won’t be singing ho-ho-ho.
Regrets ! I always said I would have none
Decisions I’ve made can not be undone.
Women in my life – I had my share
But when it came to my love- none can compare.
To the women in my family with my love I’d share
I grew up feeling forlorn and rejected by my fellow man
And people I spoke with did not understand.
People all around me and I still felt by myself
Looking for acceptance from others including
My family of sisters and brothers.
I had seen so much death during my childhood years
That I learned to accept it and not to fear.
A five year old girl who drowned in the Indian Lake,
A superintendent killing another one over a broom
A junkie overdosing with a needle in his arm
It became like living on a death farm.
Joining street gangs just to survive and on each other we did rely.
Seeing the hypocrisy in so many faces and of them
Waiting for the sneak attack to put the knife in your back.
So I created my own philosophy of : “ friends I don’t have any
Acquaintances many .”
Joined the Army to get away cause in New York I could not stay.
Left at the induction center by my so called friends
Who would go in when my tour was at the end .
They was going to “NAM” when I was back in the states
They should have gone in with me , but now it’s too late
A couple came back but they were never the same
They themselves are the ones to blame.
I disassociated myself from every one that I knew
( what was I supposed to do ? )
The 60 s was a bad time with civil unrest
And Vietnam putting us to a test.
Many were moving to Canada to avoid the draft
In hopes that the war would not last.
We now had flower power , hippies and acid to get high
And Woodstock became the pie in the sky.
All you could see for miles around , was pup tents and vans , and
People getting down.
Girls having sex where ever you would go
Even with people that they didn’t know.
Hippie communes were being created , by drugged
Out minds that were devastated.
Am I writing this , before I am dead or are
These the thoughts stuck in my head ?
© L , RAMS 032616

this is’nt me

I’ve been fighting about who I am all my life
Hiding behind a face that wasn’t nice.
Showing people what they wanted to see
But! The truth is – that isn’t me!

I’m a person who has feelings deep inside
Which I no longer want to hide.
You give me your love – and I’ll give you mine
And we’ll be together till the ends of time.

Let’s not hide who we are
We are much bigger by far.
You came into my life when I was down and out
And turned my life inside out.

You showed me that in this world you must be yourself
And with that we may need help
That is when you walked into my life
And opened my eyes to all there is to see
You had came and rescued me.

Let us walk this road hand in hand
Cause now I really understand.
Masks should be used only on occasions
That are required, not one that is desired.

You use A mask when you are in a Broadway play
Or on a special day, such as Halloween
Where that mask must be seen.
Now with you I’ll follow my dream.

louis rams :

the gift

He picked him up off the ground and turned
His life completely around.
He was an addict for so many years
Drugs and needles he did share.
He stole to keep his habit alive
He felt without it he would surely die.
An overdose with a friend , he felt for sure it was the end.
but God works in mysterious ways and saved his life on that day.
God showed him what his life would have been
If he stayed away from sin.
A good job , a home , a family too and all of this
Would have been for you.
A second chance he was being given to turn around
And make his life worth living.
He picked himself up off the ground
There was no urges to be found.
Just a clean and open mind , to the life he was leaving behind.
Family and friends were in total shock
As to the new life that he unlocked.

( miracles still happen big and small , so keep your faith
In God so you won’t fall )

© L . RAMS 101416

through heavens doors

He crossed over to the other side , when God told him
It wasn’t his time.
He saw colors which on earth he had never seen before
And a peace and tranquility when he walked thru that door.
He told God that he wanted to stay , but God said no
And he was whisked away.
A doctors voice said I was gone and covered me with a white sheet
When I heard Gods voice say : your work on earth is not yet through
There are things yet that you must do , and when it’s time
I will tell you !
As the doctor was walking out – I came back to life
And the shock made him run from sight.
After I healed he came back to me and said :
Compassion and kindness is what people must see
Show it to a few and their hearts will fill , for this
Is your destiny and my will !
After seeing what I had saw I didn’t waste time anymore
I now help the homeless , the destitute and the hospice
Patients who are dying too.
My heart is full , my life is complete
Because other lives changed and God they will meet.
© L . RAMS 101316