don’t be battered

I saw an old friend today , there was not much that she could say
Her clothes were torn and tattered , her face swollen and battered
Once active , vibrant and strong
Now in a relationship that she doesn’t belong.
Is it that she just doesn’t care ? Or is it that she just lives in fear !
How did you allow this to happen to you
When there is so many things that you can do.
Leave all your possessions if you must
And put your faith in Gods trust.
Throw to the wind your low self esteem , and look at what love has seen.
There is a man out there who sees the inner you
And knows just what he has to do
To win the love that you have inside , and never
Do anything to make you cry.
Don’t allow yourself to be battered any more
Turn and walk out that door.
© L . RAMS 032116


amber alerts

The cell phones start ringing loud as can be
‘ amber alert ’ for all to see.
A child may have been taken against its will
So keep your eyes open there’s a chance still
The predator can be caught if the public is aware
And with the police information we can share..
A description of the person or even the car
A license number is better by far.
A predator has no age or gender , but information
About them the police must surrender.
They must be a distance away from the schools
This is the law , this is the rule.
Whenever they move the police must become aware
And this information with the public they must share’
The child you help rescue will be grateful to you
And the smile on their face will tell you it’s true.
© L . RAMS 012716

how much abuse

How much abuse does one take before it becomes much too late ?

What will it take to open up your eyes – when you’re

Hemorrhaging deep inside

When your insides no longer function , and it looks like

.A war zone of destruction;

When you cannot walk and the food must be on the table

Even if you’re not willing or able.

When he comes home from drinking all night

Starts to argue , fuss and fight.

Then wants sex when you’re still in pain , and to him it’s all a game.

When the booze has gotten to his head and he can’t perform in the bed

Then he says it’s because of you and you don’t know what to do

And his rage begins again and you wonder when will it end?

How much abuse ! How much abuse must you bare

When with a phone call the cops will be there.

There are abuse hot lines that you can use , to get out of

This relationship if you choose.

© L . RAMS 102715

unbroken spirit

They tried to break my spirit and put my life under their control

But they could not see : “my heart and my soul “.

They say when the spirit is broken you have no will left to fight

And your mind cannot determine what is wrong and what is right.

I am not a robot or a pawn in a game – you cannot move me

I will always be the same.

There are so many broken spirits that are finally seeing the light

Making their hearts and souls stronger – ready and willing to fight.

The cry of the “ unbroken spirit “ is spreading throughout the land

No more will you be able – to raise that abusive hand .

The police will be there at every beckoning call

To stop your abuse once and for all.

To all the abusers : “ men and women alike “

Get your selves ready for the “ unbroken spirits “ fight.

To all the broken spirits who think there’s no way out

If you don’t take the first step , you’ll never know

What life’s about.

Many will say : “ it’s easier said than done ‘

But if you don’t try the next step may be their gun.

The first slap or punch is always the first sign

Get out of it then – while you still have the time.

© L . RAMS 102715


he Was an abusive man and led her by the hand
Took her to a room and beat her till she was black and blue
In fear she didn’t know what to do , so she called the
ABUSIVE HOTT LINE – they told her to come in and she’d be fine.

With this group there was no hesitation
They filled out the reports and took her to the police station.
A restraining order was filed to protect her and her child.

He had done this many times before and they let him walk out the door.
No others had filed charges against him and he’d walk out with a grin.
But with her he could not be within fifty yards
Otherwise he’d be charged.

The ABUSIVE LINE is open to everyone
Don’t wait till they have a gun.
The abuser wants to be in control of your mind, body and soul.
To them it’s the greatest power to control your every hour.
And put fear in your mind and keep you meek so you stay in line
No matter where you live you will find an ABUSIVE HOT LINE..
Reach out while you can and get yourself a helping hand.

© L . RAMS 041415

strength of a woman

She told him: you can have my body and all the rest
Since you tore the heart out of my chest.
Do what you want with it if you will, for tender hearts you learned to kill.
Has the thought ever entered your mind, that love for you
Could be so blind?
You say that love is just a tool. That is used by a fool!
There is no such thing as love just human desire
And we must learn to put out the fire!
We have become putty in your hands, and how to mold you understand.
The feelings you showed was just a ploy, so you could get in and destroy.
She had been hurt by love so many times before
That she decided to close the door. No longer would she let anything in
Unless it was a love that she could win.
The men in her life were vultures tearing her flesh apart
Just to get to her heart.
No one knows the strength of a woman with a broken heart
That has been shattered and torn apart.
Like a rubber ball, she will bounce back, and the odds against abuse will be stacked. She has learned from day to day that with her heart you will not play.
With the strength of a tiger she will attack and there will be no turning back
She will tear at your heart the way it was done to her and laid at her feet
For all the other vultures who want to eat.

louis rams

battered wife

when they met, she could’nt know
that later on, his true colors would show.
he beat on women all his life
then he made her ‘ his wife’.

just so that he could have a puching bag
and that part of life ‘ is very sad’.

in his life he saw abuse
and decided to put it to use
he thought that it would keep a woman in line
and to them ‘ it was just fine’.

he did not think, nor did he care
if to his wife, it was fair.
he broke her nose
and fractured her ribs
because she refused to give
the sex that he so desired
just to satisfy his inner fire.

he thought that she was something
that he could use, as he felt fit.
til the day that she opened up her mind
and decided that it was time
to stop this physical abuse
for crying, was of no use.

so when he came home after
drinking that night, and started his routine fight
she was prepared for his attack
and she was ready to fight back.

when he raised his hand to strike
she then showed a 12 inch knife.

‘touch me again and you will see
that you’ll be part of history.’

he lowered his hand in dismay
she knew then-she could not stay.
the following day she packed her things
and on the dresser, left her ring.

(leave him after the first time
for there is no dividing line.
he will continue his attacks
then there’ll be no turning back)

louis rams

escaping the abuse

this is a topic which I write a lot about because there is so much
of this going on all around the world of women being abused.

She was at the dance with her boyfriend
Who abused her to no end.
Every time she tried to get away
He would beat her so she could stay
I asked her out on the dance floor
Not knowing what was in store
Everything for me changed on that day
As he walked to the dance floor and pulled her away.
“What is your problem?” I had asked!
“Find another one with which to dance!”
I saw her a few more times on the street
And on the q.t. we started to meet.
She told me her life story and what she was going thru
And didn’t know just what to do
Her parents had passed away and no family members with which to stay
The life insurance money had dwindled away, and in the house she could not stay
She was living out of her car while working in a neighborhood bar
That was where she met her boyfriend JIM
Who said she could stay with him.
Little did she know – the physical abuse that he would show.
For a better education she did pray, so I made a plan to take her away
She finished her school and got her degree, and was happy as can be.
We soon married as she got her new start
And she is now the queen of my heart.
© L. RAMS 021115

the drunkards ( story=bullying)

this is another one of mine on people who love to bully others

There was three of them in an old pickup truck
After drinking all night at the GOLDEN DUCK.
As the sun was coming up they was screamin and cussin
As to what to do next – they was fussin.

When seeing this sixteen year old riding her bike to school
They started acting like the drunken fools.
They started screaming and howling and giving wolf cries
As the girl rode on by.

They wasn’t just satisfied with their howls and cries
They wanted her by their sides.
They turned the truck around and cut her off
They was going to show her ‘ who was boss’.

They tried to grab her from the back
But she was prepared for any sneak attacks.
She had her guardian angel with her from heaven
And she had been learning KUNG -FU since the age of seven.

When the first one reached out to grab her
She grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand straight up and back
Till she heard his wrist crack.

As the second one came running up
A round house kick in his face
Sent him flying into space.

The third one came at her with a tire iron in his hand
As she crotched down and took her stand
When he was about two feet away and open wide
In his crotch her kick did fly.

All three men lay on the ground
as she picked up her bike without a sound
Put her bike on their pick up truck
With this girl they was s- out of luck.
Then drove the truck into town
and told the sheriff where they could be found.

They was charged with ‘drunk and disorderly manner’
And on the high school there flies a banner.

‘Protect yourself and don’t give in
Being a bully you will never win’

louis rams