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the pact

to all who know me from facebook and the other poetry sites and have
bought either my ” poetic Christmas stories ” or my ” stories of hope series and spiritual poems ” books. I have now written a children s book
called ” the pact ” which is a story that you can read to your young children or have them read it , and be taken on a trip with ” the hanging three” boys
check it out ! take the trip with them !
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She became a firefighter at a very young age

Passed with flying colors at every stage

Determined to follow the footsteps of her family

That is the dream that she did see.

She built up her body like any man

But had the gentlest hands.

The kindest heart that anyone would know

And that was something that she did show.

She would put the person on her back

Looking forward and would never slack

Her goal was to save all the lives she can

That was her goal, that was her plan.

And every time she looked at her children

As a mother would often do- and see the pride in their eyes

And in the faces of the lives she saved and prevented

Them from going to an early grave.

Then she would know that the choice she made

To be a firefighter would take her spirits so much higher.

So to the firefighters I salute you one and all

So stand proud, stand tall.