for centuries they have been around in every city, village and town

they was known under many different names and yet no two

were ever the same.

they are known as the angels of mercy, also te kind hearted souls

who helped the sick , the dieing , the old.

they see aches, pains and suffering every day while family members

may hide or run away.

they share with the sick , stories. pains and tears

and they wipe away their fears.

their faces may be the last faces that the dieing may see

as they bring them comfort in the life to be.

nurses don’t work under doctors , they work as equals with them !

they give them meds and hold their hands to let them know they understand.

the nurses are the soldiers on the battlefields who fight the wars

they are the ones who know the score.

when they have to turn a patient on their side so

that they can clean their behinds and making sure

they have no bedsores before they walk out the door.

they also have times of joy when they see the birth

of a girl or boy, and of when a patient can walk out the door on their own

because of the caring a nurse has shown.

they are the last stop between healing and dieing

and of this there is no denying.

(C) L . RAMS042715


he was a follower

He hid me in the rafters because for him the
Roman soldiers were coming after.
As they led him out the door he screamed up to GOD once more
I will gladly give my life for you, there is nothing more that they can do.
He was tried and sentenced to be crucified
They say as he looked up he saw JESUS face up in the sky
Looked at me and said good-bye.
You must practice what you preach – this is something
That he did teach , and with GOD in your heart
Into a new world you will start.
So teach your children as he taught me
In the other life you’ll be free.
There will be no more suffering , aches or pains
For your life will forever change.
You never fear the unknown – if your faith is very strong
Let us all do the same – follow him in CHRIST’S name.
© L . RAMS 041615

rare beauty

The sun was shining way up high , transparent clouds
In the sky ,as the birds were flying by.
Then I saw her beautiful face – she had style , she had grace.
It was as if she was floating by and she had caught my eye.
I became transfixed , hypnotized with her beauty
With a small waist and a fantastic booty.
Her legs were shapely , yet firm and that picture
In my mind did burn.
She was VENUS and LADY GODIVA rolled into one
And I knew my heart was done.
When you find a beauty that is so rare
With no one else do you want to share.
Then she smiled and started to speak
And I was swept off my feet.
Her voice as gentle as a summer breeze , putting
Me completely at ease.
She was as beautiful as a turtle dove
Then I knew I was in love.
© L . RAMS 041615


he Was an abusive man and led her by the hand
Took her to a room and beat her till she was black and blue
In fear she didn’t know what to do , so she called the
ABUSIVE HOTT LINE – they told her to come in and she’d be fine.

With this group there was no hesitation
They filled out the reports and took her to the police station.
A restraining order was filed to protect her and her child.

He had done this many times before and they let him walk out the door.
No others had filed charges against him and he’d walk out with a grin.
But with her he could not be within fifty yards
Otherwise he’d be charged.

The ABUSIVE LINE is open to everyone
Don’t wait till they have a gun.
The abuser wants to be in control of your mind, body and soul.
To them it’s the greatest power to control your every hour.
And put fear in your mind and keep you meek so you stay in line
No matter where you live you will find an ABUSIVE HOT LINE..
Reach out while you can and get yourself a helping hand.

© L . RAMS 041415

tale of two lovers forbidden love

Tale of two lovers forbidden love (09/01/11)

A tale of two lovers who met when they were young
They got together just to have some fun.
Sparks started flying way beyond their control
They was so excited, so brave , so young , so bold.

They became lovers ( I’m sure you already guessed)
Bringing out emotions, bringing out their best.
It was a forbidden love for a pair who was so young
But they nurtured it, and soon it became as one.

A love story – like a Romeo and Juliet tale
Their love so strong, they knew it could not fail.
He was protective in more ways than one
For she was his life, she was the sun.

They knew there would be objections
By family and their friends, so they
Kept it quiet till the very end.

They continued with their schooling
And professions they both gained
And they knew from the beginning
Their loves would remain the same.

They now told everyone, and screamed it to the world
How they hid their love, like an oyster hides its pearl.
They got married and a child she did bear
And as the child grew up, this story she would share.


The judge asked : why was you speeding? Why was you going so fast? Why didn’t you ease up on the gas? Your honor : I was Driving Under The Influence Of her love. I felt like a shooting star up above. She has me intoxicated from head to toe I don’t know which way to go. She captured my heart and won’t let go Her love is all I know. Her love so mellow – so sweet , so fine I feel like I’m high on wine. If you are going to convict me for loving her Then I stand as guilty as can be For she has become a part of me. Sentence me to a life of love For she is the only one I could think of. She already has my heart in jail And I refuse to post my bail. The judge looked at me as I stood in place You are dismissed “ there is no case”.

when respect is lost

When respect is lost in a relationship then so is love
Love is to be respected and respect is to be loved
They work together like two eyes two ears, two hands, and two feet
It is all part of oneself.
Once the belittling and the name calling come into play
And especially the profanity – then it’s time to sit and talk
Or “once again become free “.
This is verbal abuse and can lead to physical abuse. THEN WHAT?
Most parents will not do it to you, then why do it to someone else?
Respect is the preventive key to have you live in peace and harmony.
Remember! Respect should be given to everyone
Not just in a relationship!
Respect creates dignity and dignity creates respect.
It’s a tragic shame but no one person is to blame
It takes two to create a fight, but who is wrong and who is right?
There are so many different views – it depends on which we choose.
Both parties think they’re right, but neither can accept the light.
It is the light of freedom, the light of justice, the light of choice
To raise our voice.
I guess what I’m trying to say:” let’s not fight, let’s find a better way “
We may not agree on what the other thinks or says
But this is what’s in their head.
© L. RAMS 040715


The day is approaching when he arose from the dead
And walked the earth as the bible said.
Every year we celebrate this day – when the Christians kneel to pray.
For children its Easter bunnies and Easter eggs and dressing up for mass
But as parents we must remind them of the past
Of how this day came to be – when CHRIST died for you and me.
He was not laid in an earthly grave, but into a mountainous cave
And a concrete wheel put at the entrance way, and guards
To protect it so it would stay.
On the morning of the third day the guards had found that
Not a sound had been made –as the wheel was moved from his grave.
When the followers went inside and searched “to their surprise “
He was nowhere to be found and his burial cloth lay on the ground.
They say that some had seen him walking on the mountain top
Turned around and looked down to where he had laid
Smiled and walked away.
© L. RAMS 040215

he walked amongst men

this is one of two Easter poems I’ve just written

He walked amongst men

It is said that he arose from the dead
Looked around and walked straight ahead.
Walked to the top of the hill, where he would begin
To do his fathers will.
GOD had prepared him from his birth to create
The miracles on this earth.
To show the world that his son- would not be the forgotten one.
That everything that he would do in his life
Was to prepare him for the ultimate sacrifice.
The devils temptation to make him weak
He would face and defeat.
Every miracle that he created – none of which was related.
Turning water into wine, giving sight to the blind
Making the crippled walk, and the mute begin to talk.
So many things that he had done, was because
He was his father’s son
He believed in his father from the start
And this had filled his gentle heart.
He was a king who walked amongst men
And every person was a friend.
He had no enemies or hatred in his heart
It was pure love from the start.
Over a thousand years have passed
With billions of followers and climbing fast.
© L . RAMS 040215

the preacher girl

she was a little girl about seven or eight
Had a dream but couldn’t wait.
Said she been dreaming of this since she was two
And knew just what she had to do.
She felt the LORD in her soul –that to preach she was told.
She told her preacher what she felt inside
And it was something that she could not hide.
She would preach the gospel while in school
While other kids thought her “the fool “.
The preacher seeing the pain in her face said:
“You can preach in my place “.
He set up his pulpit with a wooden stand
So she could grab the mic with one hand.
When the congregation gathered to their dismay
She grabbed the mic and started to pray.
The sermon she gave left the people in awe
This had never been done before.
They all stood up and started to sing
Because the feelings this girl did bring.
The” hallelujah s “and” praise the Lord”
Was being sung like never before, as they walked out the doors.
She is just a little girl – but JESUS CHRIST filled her world.