nursing home dilemma

There was an article which came out of England about
An incident in a nursing home which I must tell you about.

In this nursing home like so many others that they have both men and women and of different ages and different illnesses and or problems.
Like so many of them they have game rooms, plays, talent shows
And take trips with the orderlies and nurses’
Every night they have their curfew hours for lights off
And the orderlies check on them every night.
This one particular night after he had done the bed checks
And was studying for an exam, he heard a strange noise
So he went to the first room down the hallway and he
Found the bed was empty. Concerned he checked the bathroom and still could not find this resident, so he went to the next room and found the same thing
He then started running from room to room and no residents were found
When he heard the noise again and followed it to the auditorium
And the voices then started coming out of the room.
He opened the door slowly and just stood there in total shock
As to what he saw.
There was an orgy going on and everyone was butt naked and
Having sex of every kind – the missionary. Oral. Anal and they was laughing and joking and didn’t realize that he had walked in to the room.
He blew his whistle startling everyone to a frozen stance
Nervously he grabbed his cell phone and called the owner
And the nursing staff and told them to come quickly to the auditorium
Everyone was still frozen where they was at when the staff came in
To see everyone butt naked.
Then laughter came from across the room from the oldest
Patient there who is ninety two years old.
When the head nurse walked over there and telling everyone to put their
Clothes back on, the lady looked at her and smiled.
The nurse asked her: why did all of you do this?
The lady still smiling said: we are pineapples!
Pineapples? I don’t get it?
Well we have layers of wrinkles on the outside like
A pineapple but we are “delicious on the inside”!
We are old, but we’re not dead yet!
Ha-ha did that blow your mind?
©L.RAMS 012915


parents revenge

this is about ABUSE and AGE

as you know there is so many different types of abuse and a lot of it is on seniors

we have the physical ,sexual, verbal, mental to name a few and the elderly parents can fall into two and many times three of the four listed’  we see children who can not , will not or just don’t give a damn about anyone let alone their own parents’

first may come the verbal abuse and then the mental abuse and finally the physical.

so this little poetic story is about parents getting even.


mom, dad – you lived your life so let me live mine

i’m not going to take care of you till the end of time.

I am young with so many things to do and no time to take care of you.

i’ll have to put you in a nursing home or an assisted living

maybe you could survive on what social security is giving.

I am packing your bags and sending you away, I can’t take care of you another day.

the father answered – my child since the day that you was born

we fed you, bathed you, changed your diapers and changed your clothes

because of the love we have for you.

now the tables are turned and you must do for us what we did for you

but if you don’t want to -” that’s o.k. too.

because we didn’t expect any more from you

we had bought a house in OLD MEXICO and that is wher

we both shall go, with our social security checks

we  can live like a king and queen and it’s the most beautiful house

that we’ve ever seen. we’ll have two live in servants

and a nurse, who will take care of us for better or worse

so live your life as you must, because we put our savings in a trust.

ha -ha  the joke’s on you son.

how love should be

Don’t settle for just anyone to love
That’s not what dreams are made of.
Love should be like waves beating against the beach
Showing how far it can reach, or like the rising sun
Which doesn’t end until the day is done.
Love should be an “exploration”
Of every word and every sensation.

Love is not just a four letter word
It is a voice which must be heard.
Love must search the depthness of your soul
So that new feelings can unfold.
We can get into relationships of every kind
And our emotions can be blind.

Then comes that special someone
And you know your search is done.
That person who feels comfortable in all that you do
And wants to spend every moment with you.
That person who will go that extra mile
Just to see if you will smile.

That person who will share your joys and sorrows
And be with you “today and tomorrow”.
This is how love should be
If you believe in love like me.
© L.RAMS 012815

a parents love

If you’re not a parent then you don’t know
The aches and pains that do not show.
When we see our child sick in bed
And so many thoughts go through your head.
When your child is in the hospital with 103
And by their side is where you want to be.

Recalling the first time that they ride a bike
And they fall and scrape their knee
And it seems they cry endlessly.

When you play with their imaginary friends
And it seems like it will never end.
then they go to pre-k
and for hours They have to stay.
Then they go to kindergarten and they
Meet children their same age
And it becomes fun and games.
Soon they’re out of elementary
And go to junior high
And then the aches and pains
Really begin to fly.
They already experienced their
First kiss, and possibly a sexual
Affair, and with you they will not share.
Soon it’s high school and college to follow
And you don’t see them for quite a while.
Then you get a call that they’re engaged
And you know your life has changed.
Then comes a marriage and a family
And a grandparent you will be.
But as a parent our love will never
Grow old, and this is something
That you are now told.
We are your parents and we will
Always be, we’ll love you now
And thru eternity.

louis rams

my crying heart

My crying heart
I find myself sitting all alone in my home
Listening to what my heart is telling me.
I am tired of crying every night
Since we got into that fight.
When your heart is breaking there is no right or wrong
But you don’t want to give in- you want to be strong.
Heartache does not know the difference between right or wrong
Or weak or strong.
It just knows the pain it’s in – not who will lose or who will win.
Can you remember when your heart was innocent and pure?
A virgin to life, then you made this sacrifice and not knowing
What it would bring and affect your heart deep within.
“Oh my poor heart I’m sorry I hurt you so”
I just didn’t know that at times life can be so cruel
In love there are no rules.
“So cry my heart if you must- for in love we must put our trust.”
It will not always be heartache and pain, for no two are ever the same
But love can be a crying game!
© L.RAMS 012615

the other side

Loved ones name and loved ones name each other they have found
For their love is no longer earth bound.
The love in heaven becomes a million fold
It is a love that will never get old.
Friends and family will meet as they lay
Wreaths of gold at GODS feet.
Frankincense and myrrh also wait
As you pick them up at the pearly gates.
Crowds of angels and cherubs line the path to his throne
Much more beautiful than it is known.
So many descriptions of how heaven must be
And now our loved ones will finally see.
The streets may be lined with every precious jewel from earth
But in heaven it has no value, no worth.
In heaven the most beautiful treasure that you will find
Are the souls of every kind?
Our souls are a growing light that they transcend day or night
There is no such thing as race, color or creed
For we are all of the same seed.
We are but GODS children and mere humans struggling
To do what’s right, under GODS watchful sight.
On the other side there are no more troubles or despair
You will find only beauty everywhere.
© L . RAMS 12315

Alzheimer s has your mind and I have you

Alzheimer’s has your mind, and I have you
When you ask me:” who am I?”
My heart breaks and I begin to cry
Alzheimer’s has taken over your mind
But I will be with you till the end of our time.
I will wash your face and comb your hair
Cook and clean – “I don’t care “.
We had made a vow for better and worse
So I’ll take care of you and won’t hire a nurse.
I may have to remind you every day
Of memories that may have slipped away.
I know that if the tables were turned, every border you would burn
Just to keep our love alive, and keep me by your side.
This sickness may affect your mind, but I’ll open the doors every time.
I will remind you of the good times and the bad times
The happy times and the sad times.
I will be your television screen and show you everything in between
Although you may have that faraway look and your eyes may be glazed
When you do remember I stay amazed.
Because you have a smile from ear to ear
And you look at me and say: “I love you dear “.
© L . RAMS 11115

love is just a word

Love is just a word

Love is just a word until you give it meaning
For this is what I’m feeling, this is what I’m seeing.
This word love is so misconstrued, so abused, so misused
It can be used as a tool to chisel a work of art
Or as a weapon to destroy another’s heart.
It is used as a word of affection to a person
Place or thing, and a look of joy that it brings.
It is used as a phrase “I love you “or as a statement
‘I LOVE YOU ‘or as an emotion – my darling I LOVE YOU.
Yes! Love is just a word, but it is the most powerful
Word that can ever be used.
‘LOVE ME ‘as a person and for the way I am and
Not for what you want me to be, or perceive me to be.
True love is like the flame of the eternal torch which
Never goes out, but just burns on and brightens
Up everything around it and love can be rekindled
Like the flame on a candle.
LOVE is the second greatest gift on earth
And birth being the first.
© L . RAMS 010115