eyes into depression

I stood in the darkness of the room with nothing
Around me except the gloom
Why am I going thru this ? Why am I in despair ?
Why can’t I find someone who cares !
They say depression is just a state of mind , and all
These thoughts should be left behind.
The problem can not be solved with a pat on the back
And “ go home it will fix itself “ – not when you’re
Going thru this living hell .
so many doubts that the mind can create , you didn’t
Question them then and now it’s too late.
Its now become a wall of questions and doubts
And you can’t figure out what it’s all about.

Many are in a state of denial and it may take them a while.
The symptoms come very slow and if you don’t read about
Them you’ll never know.
You may have mood changes or you may want to be alone
These are some signs that are shown.
It may have been people who criticized you and put you down
And made you feel like they don’t want you around.
It may have been a problem or something you didn’t understand
And no one was there to give a helping hand.
There are so many things that can cause depression
But we can’t let it become a lifelong obsession.
It’s not shameful to seek help – it’s shameful when we don’t.
© L . RAMS 092915


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