my heart is warm


The temperatures were lower and the winds were colder

Yet my heart was as warm as can be . Cause the way you looked at me.

Your eyes radiated a love so strong – I knew this was where I belonged

The temperature may be thirty below , but in my heart I feel a glow.

Like a spark that starts a fire , you fill my hearts desire.

Never in my life I would have thought , that you was the one that I sought.

I had wandered city streets in despair looking for one to care

I had searched places where people gathered , but not one

Place ever mattered.

Peace I could never gain and my search was always in vain.

Had I known that you was always in front of me

My search would never have been a mystery

Take my hand and let us walk in paradise

Because tonight I’ll ask you to be my wife.

© L . RAMS 041616



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